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Message # 91 | 11:43 PM
On a person's profile, is there a way to hide your birthday and such after registration?

For example, it says: "Date of birth:
date [ age Astrological sign ]"

Is there any way for someone to hide that on their profile, or for admins on a site to be able to set it so all ages and such are protected and private?

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Message # 92 | 1:42 AM
You could simply remove that information from the User personal page template.

If you want it that way, then do this :
Go to your uCoz Control Panel, click on Design, select Design management(templates), find User personal page and remove this :

<div id="block10" class="udtb"><div class="udtlb">Date of birth:</div>$_BIRTHDAY$ [ <b>$_AGE$</b> $_ZODIAC$ ]</div>

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Message # 93 | 8:15 AM
Hello, I wanna know how to change Email Service on my site, I don't want users' mails to be displayed or be hidden, I wanna change it like you have here, for more understand about that look at this picture, thanks...

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Message # 94 | 1:59 PM
don_slasher, this message is displayed if user's email is hidden, otherwise the email itself is displayed.
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Message # 95 | 9:26 PM
Sunny, Thank you, I got it...
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Message # 96 | 11:45 PM
I'm Having a problem on my Profile I can't Edit Because of.

Incorrect security code

I'm 100% sure of what I'm typing, but it always appear that you input incorrect Code.
It started 2 weeks ago until now its still the same issue.

please check it out. if you need to test on my website here is the address,

Thanks in advance.

ADDITIONAL: I edit my profile here in your forum and its the same result, "Incorrect security code".

My Clan Website:

My Company Website:


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Message # 97 | 4:10 PM
Bendcat, Make sure that cookies are accepted by the browser, clear the cookies history; check whether JavaScript is enabled in your browser; clear the cache (temporary files) of the browser
Make sure you enter the correct security code
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Message # 98 | 5:49 PM
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Message # 99 | 7:26 PM
Hi. Can I create something like this when user logged in? If yes,how?

Thanks. smile

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Message # 100 | 7:34 PM
-Jane, sure you can edit your profile page design by using HTML and CSS

do you know where your profile codes are

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Message # 101 | 7:41 PM
Animorph, I'm not so good in HTML and CSS.. I need template or code for this...
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Message # 102 | 10:12 PM
-Jane, Then you are on the wrong forum, this forum is for support related to uCoz only , this is not a coding support , we provide every need to learn/create and experience allot with uCoz so i would like to suggest you to start learning HTML and CSS if you wan't to customize your own website , a question for you what profile do you want to change the one in forum or your real profile page
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Message # 103 | 8:33 AM
How do I change what is visible on the user profile of my site ex: country, state, city, d.o.b I dont want these things to be shown to everyone registered to the site is there a way to make it so its not displayed?
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Message # 104 | 8:59 AM
CWORedCap, you can do this through using conditional operators in the HTML code for the user profile page.

You will find more information on conditional operators here:

Hope this helps, happy

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Message # 105 | 9:08 AM
CWORedCap, CP - customize design - user personal page. edit and save.
User list option can be found: CP - Users - Module settings.