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FAQ - Users
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Message # 1 | 2:24 PM
Press CTRL + F to find an answer to your question.

When registering a new user the system gives out - incorrect username.
Can't change user's login (username). What is the problem?

Answer: Perhaps you enter it with a space, which is not allowed. You can use only digits, letters and hyphens.

Is it possible to display in messages and statistics not only a username (link), but also a small image of the size of a username?

Answer: It is hardly possible. It is very difficult and time-taking.

Many users come to the site from the same IP. Now they can't log in to the site. How can I fix it?

Answer: Check permissions of user groups, particularly session binding to IP: Main page » Users » User groups » Edit group properties or permittions: Bind session to IP address (protection from stealing cookies). Disable this option.

What should I write in the code to display last user's visit?
How can I display duration of the last visit to the forum near a username?

Answer: It is not possible to implement. If you really want it, write this time in cookies, and then read it. Then there will be load not on the server but on users' computers...

There are two administrators on the site. One of them cannot change the password of the other: "You are trying to do illegal action!". What is the reason?

Answer: Administrator must change the password himself. It is not allowed to edit administrator's account.

What does "Checked users" mean?

Answer: Every site administrator can make users CHECKED at his own discretion and assign to them any permissions he wants. You may set group permissions as you wish. So, groups (or members) will differ on the permissions that you have assigned to them. In this forum a checked member does not have to enter security code.

Is it possible to allocate and change disk space quotas for users?

Answer: No.

What should I change in settings so that administrators don't have to check and activate all new entries, added by users?

Answer: Disable pre-moderation. Control Panel >> Users >> User groups.

Two users on my site have the same IP address. I want to ban one of them, not both! What should I do?

Answer: Ban him not by IP, but by username.

Is it possible to do the following: a user cannot see a certain post in the forum if he/she has less than 10 posts?

Answer: No. Ability to see or not to see posts and certain forums depends on group permissions, not on user's activity.

I've created a group with administrator permissions. But if a user of this group enters user's profile, there is no link for editing or removing a user. How can I create such control elements for this group?

Answer: Only one group can have true administrator permissions - Administrators group, which is original, not a created one.

Is possible to make a many-colored username, e.g.:Medved

Answer: It is impossible with a script that makes it universally. Username is stored in the database as a whole, so it can be colored "on-the-fly" only. Besides, you don't know how different browsers will react to it...

Is it possible to make a user's profile page a common page, not a pop-up window?

Answer: Yes. Edit template of user's profile page.

Entries of a removed user are saved and he/she is marked there as the author. What will happen with this authorship if a user with the same username registers?

Answer: It will be a new user.

Is it possible to remove security code for guests in Site Catalog (Publisher, News etc.)?

Answer: It is impossible to remove security code for guests in any module. It is a protection against spam.

For all other groups security code can be disabled in user group settings. The code is disabled by default for moderators and administrators.

Is it possible to change the "design" of the image with the code? I often confuse digits (especially 3 and 8, 6 and 5).

Answer: No, a user cannot change this parameter. Image complexity was increased because of users' complaints, that some programs could read the previous variant and therefore spammed Guestbooks and Site Catalogs. So, such images will remain as they are in the nearest future.

Where can I activate the following feature - I press the link to user's entries, go to that page and there is the inscription

This feature is not activated by the site administrator.

Answer: This feature can be activated in fine settings of each module. It is called Enable capability to search entries of a particular user (check it).

Is it possible to assign an ordinary user the permission to edit own posts without (!) the inscription "edited by" till the first answer to this post?
And the same concerning removal of own posts...

Answer: No, an ordinary user cannot do this. This enhanced feature of threads and posts management is available only for the groups with this option enabled in permissions.

You can remove this inscription for the whole group or for all groups by means of editing the template of messages appearance.

Only administrators, moderators and the groups with this option enabled can remove messages.

I close a thread.... but ordinary users can still leave posts, what should I do?

Answer: If a user had a reply form opened before you closed the thread, then he/she may leave 1 message. But only this user.

There is the following message for guests on the catalog main page:
"You have no permission to view entries."
The appropriate parameters are enabled in settings:
"View catalog Users, Checked, Moderators, Administrators, Guests
Add entries Users, Checked, Moderators, Administrators, Guests
Follow links Users, Checked, Moderators, Administrators, Guests"

What's wrong?

Answer: Entries can be temporary unavailable and visible only for the administrator or a user who has the right to manage entries. The prohibition may be also set directly in categories. (Entries and categories management).[/size]
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Message # 2 | 11:09 AM
Is possible to change the e-mail message text, that is sent to newly registered users? Specificly the one that sends the E-mail verification code?
It is not possible for reasons of safety.

How to change the text "Available for users only"?
There is no such possibility

Uh, guys? How do I change a member's username?
Control Panel - Users - List of users - Blue square in the first column near a username.

I don't want guest to view my pages, and i check to guest and deselect all there on user groups, but still the pages can be viewed. How can i make this?
CP -> Users -> User's Groups -> set any settings you want.
CP -> Page Editor -> Pages management -> "wrench" icon -> Groups, having access to the page.

What should I do when users ask me for their lost password?
Their is a "lost password" feature under login form on your site.

I deleted some users from my site. But is it possible to retrieve a deleted user account?
Nope, you have to register again. So be careful before deleting.

Is it possible to make something so users can make a guild or something?
It would be like group which only admin can make via CP.

Can u add a page with a list of users and their ranks? Please help... Once again all i need is a page where all people can see the users and their ranks.
Create an Informer:
In "Section" Field select "Users"

In "Sorting Mode" select either "Registration Date A" or "Registartion Date D"

Number of entries: default is 10(then 10 member will be shown)
Click "Create" and you're done.

Now copy the code which will be something like $MYINF_1$ and place it in your HTML code.

Is there a way that a user can change his username by himself?
No, only via CP.

How can i make. users can add friends?
Unfortunately that's not possible.

How to check user how long didnt login or last login time?
Well, you can check the last login date of a user by clicking on his/her profile.

I have 3 different users with ip. they are all the same person or not?
Well, it can be one person, it can be also internet club who provides each PC
with internet via router, it can be also home PCs which also uses router, it can
be same neighbourhood which have one internet provider. Many possibility's.

Why is not possible to modify the personal information of the users (By the Admin using the Control Panel nor by themselves?
Because those users have uNet profiles and your can't change their passwords and details. They should do this themselves at uNet.com.

Is it possible to use an icon to specify when a user is online??? and how??
Enable "Who's online" in Common Settings and you'll see a list of all users online.

Am I able to see how many users my website has?
CP -> Users -> List of users -> Top left corner. Or forum mane page -> Forum statistics.

Guys can anyone suggest, if it is possible to create a floating login form. I mean to say that when the user clicks on 'Login' a floating form is to be appeared for the login.
<a href="$LOGIN_LINK$">Login</a>

is it possible to create, something like social groups? Where different users can be in different groups or clubs?
one user cannot belong to several groups. I can only suggest creating of separate forum boards by interests, smth like this.
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Message # 3 | 11:39 AM
how can i change user id [login id].... no option for that there in edit user .... can it be done/????
It is not possible.

Guest users are unable to access to home page unless signing in. what can be done please advice.
Control Panel -> Page editor -> Pages management -> "edit information" for the main page -> Groups that have access to the page.

How can i delete somebody profile when they just want to delete their profile and how can i banned someone on my website?
If the person whom you want to ban is not registered on your website you can disable him/her by blocking the IP address. Go: Admin bar->Control->IP blocking.
If the person whom you want to ban is registered on your website you can disable him/her by changing his/her group into “Blocked”. Go to Control panel->Users->User groups->Blocked

How can someone block and report a user on my website?
You may set permission for different groups to do different things. Go to Control pane:Main » Users » User groups-> Press "Edit group properties or permissions" next to the group name.

How can i approve peoples display pictures? (NOT the picture gallery pictures)
Go to Control panel: Users->Module settings->Enable "Avatar uploading" feature for users. In this case the users will be able to choose avatars only from your collection. See this http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/7-3388-1#15589 to find out how to make your own collection. But keep in mind, the mentioned above feature is available only, if the Allowed methods of users authorization is Local users. In order to have it you need to buy any package of services.

Is there a way to approve new members to your forum? Or is it that anyone who signs up to it is automaticaly registered?
you can not do it for one module. It can be done for the whole website by means of Local users feature. See more about it here http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/7-52-1#200
If your method of authorization is uNet users you can only set permission for separate groups the way you want it and then transfer users from one group to the other manually. It has to be done in Cp->Users->User groups->Set permission for all groups

I have 5 administrators who are having problems logging in what is the process is for the admins logging in.
If you want all of them be logged into the Control panel at the same time, set it up in CP->Security settings->Maximum number of simultaneous logins to the Control Panel->but it can't be more than 4.
If they do not know how to log into the CP - all they need is to add /admin to the name of the website and enter the administrative password.
If you have any further questions, be more specific. A screenshot might be helpful.
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