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Message # 46 | 10:02 PM
uCoz system just can't "not work". You are doing something wrong.
Tell me step by step what exactly you and your friend are doing.

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Message # 47 | 10:53 PM
I've created using "Add new user" a new user:

With a username, a password, his mail and his full name

Then if i try to log in with this mail + password it says error...

I've tried to add the user manually because he doesn't receive the confirmation mail.

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Message # 48 | 11:06 PM
Ive had similar problems as well. Many of our fans have claimed they have signed up (and actaully watched one sign up) and they still are not on my registered users list. Dont understand it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. or

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Message # 49 | 11:00 AM
IoCiScommetto, local users use nickname+password to log in, not email.

inflam52, your problem is different. Please stick to your original thread. The problem has been forwarded to the techs.

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Message # 50 | 3:20 AM
Please. I'm just trying to somehow have a simple users list display on my website as a little box. Does nayone know how to do this
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Message # 51 | 3:40 AM
Use informers
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Message # 52 | 4:31 PM
when i log in and and open site users then open a user 's profile page.

then the page shows like this.
shubham123 [ Private ]
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now when i click on photos(23) to find the photos added by this user the option doesnt work it says.. as follows::

Photo Albums
Main » Photo album » User's entries [shubham123]

This feature is not activated by the site administrator.


a similar happens when i click on the blog posts(2) while it works correctly for the comments please help...

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Message # 53 | 4:42 PM
shubham123, go to CP -> Module you want -> Module settings(Module fine settings) and activate "Enable capability to search entries of a particular user".
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Message # 54 | 7:56 AM
Hi i recently made a website. But now i wanted a new username so i deleted my administrator account.
How am i possible to log in on my site ? Now i deleted my account i cant log in anymore, but the site is still alive ? Please help somebody
THanks alot
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Message # 55 | 8:28 AM
first go to your control panel
go to Users-->select Add new user
very simple biggrin

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Message # 56 | 9:22 AM
Sweetah, yes, if you have Local users enabled then do as adytzu1_vl01 said. If you have uNet users enabled - did you delete your uNet account?
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Message # 57 | 10:41 AM
Hi i can log in on the control panel as adytzu said. But how can i log in on my website, i still cant cahnge anything cause it asks for my email to log in, but my email is deleted sad how can i make my email good again so i can log in ? please help ? I made an admin account on it with the name JeroenVerhagen, but i cant log in with the mail of it ?
Hope someone can help !

Added (2010-04-09, 4:41 Am)
Yes i think i deleted the unet account ? how to make it fixed ?

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Message # 58 | 10:53 AM
Sweetah, if you deleted it less then 30 days ago then you can restore it. - enter your email into the first field and the restoration link should appear.
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Message # 59 | 11:50 AM
Hi i made my email again and i registered. And teh site which i have i can log in on the way adytv said. But i cant log in wiht any email jsut with a user account which i made by making an extra administrator. how can i connect my email to teh site i made ? So i can log in with

And another question how can you put youtube videos in a a forum that u see the song displaying ?

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Message # 60 | 12:22 PM
Sweetah, what authorization method is used on your website - local users or uNet users?

And video is discussed here -

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