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Message # 76 | 5:29 PM
ajinx999, if they have a star thing next to thier name it wont let u remove them cause they are a ucoz registered user that means that if they would to sign in to ur website again then they would be back on the list (but in the clocked section or where they are at)... and idk wut the max users are so hope this helped!
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Message # 77 | 6:04 PM
Quote (ajinx999)
Is there a limit to the number of users I create on my website?

ajinx999, I think there are no limit.

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Message # 78 | 9:26 AM
ajinx999, there is no limit. And the uNet users cannot be deleted because there is no use in such deletion: they still will be able to log in to the website and will be re-added to the user database.
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Message # 79 | 7:30 AM

how to get the member's list as seen in the photo????
pls help
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Message # 80 | 8:56 PM
UK, it is possible with a combination of Informers and custom coding...
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Message # 81 | 5:39 PM
I dont have much knowledge about coding. Can i know how to do it???