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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to change the smileys near the reply form for my own, in order not to go to the full list of smileys?
- No, those are standard emoticons, they cannot be changed.

May I add my own smileys?
- Yes, you may. Create a sml folder in File Manager and upload there your smileys. Only .gif format is accepted, number of smileys is 100. Standard smileys will remain, new smileys will be added to them.

How can I remove smileys from the list of All smileys?
- Forbid users to use smileys (see the permissions of the user groups).

Why are there no 3D smileys in the default sets?
- There are. Pay more attention to the list.

Is it possible to remove standard smileys?
- No.

Is it possible to write added smileys as tags, e.g. ":twisted:"?
- No.

Will the smileys from the folders sml2, sml3 work?
- No.

How can I add my own smileys to the standard collection?
- Use Smileys editor.

I’ve added 16 own smileys. But when I want to change them they remain the same. What should I do?
- You can't edit smileys. You should remove them and add new.

Is it possible to automatically substitute smileys, after they have been updated, in all written posts ?
- No.

Is it possible to limit the use of smileys in posts?
- No. You can only forbid using them at all.

How to create a custom set of smileys

An illustrated tutorial:

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I am using Skype Smiles if anyone wants I can give him/her link to download

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Quote (Armaros)
ShiFT, tried Smiley editor ?

I did, I added the smileys in smiley editor, but i just didn't want it to be a single set. I wanted them to be added to the other set. And it says that the custom set is empty anyways. They still don't work in the tag board.
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Hey i have a file of smilies ready to upload, can i upload the whole file in file manager or do i have to do them 1 by 1?

I dont need help with anything else.. yet just dont want to upload 1 by 1

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ShiFT, reinstalled tag board?

TheLOKO, you can't upload a folder - one by one.

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[What I did] Dartz, The problem is, that I first added the smilies I wanted, by adding the "sml" folder to the file manager. It turned out that it was not working properly, as Armaros said, in previous posts in this thread. I then deleted this folder and followed Armaros, by adding the smilies by smiley editor, but I noticed you couldn't add that custom set to the default.. And I noticed this because the smileys I added werent in the smiley group. So I went to Common Settings and changed the smileys to "custom set".. but it was empty and also, as I said I didn't want the smilies I added to be "alone". So I've made the "sml" folder again. But it went the same way.
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I need help getting this smiley on.

The html code


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>


Quote (reaper)
I need help getting this smiley on.

I mean how to upload it when it is html? I can only upload GIF images for smileys...
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Reaper, interesting smile message especially for an Englishman smile

I don't understand your problem...



and you'll get

as admin, you can post messages with any HTML code, but other users can use BBcodes and get the same result.

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I want to:

if people are vip (checked) that they can use special smily normal members can not use?

How do I?

I could not find at: Search

please help

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uCoz doesn't have this option but it's possible to make it if you know
how to modify the code - what to add and what to remove, replace.

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i mean,

that a user group can use more smily's than normal members

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No, there is no such feature in uCoz
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Hi there!

Added (2010-10-25, 5:01 Am)
Ok i could find the answer to "Disable all smiley"s
but i can't find any answer yet that i posted to this link (About "Tell a friend")

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Quote (Sunny)
How can I remove smileys from the list of All smileys?
- Forbid users to use smileys (see User group settings).

Quote (Sunny)
Is it possible to remove standard smileys?
- No.

Quote (Useful)
but i can't find any answer yet that i posted to this link (About "Tell a friend")
- already answered!
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I am trying to add my own smileys

Now I go to smiley editor and click on "select" next to "image file for a smiley" but nothing happens?
How can I add one if nothing happens?
What am I doing wrong here?
I use firefox
need more info ask I will post that.

What have done so far is this
I uploaded 5 test smileys to sml folder and I uploaded the same to different folder because I read somewhere that was best to not upload them to sml folder before using smiley editor.
Then went to smiley editor.

I am a bit of a noob in this so. biggrin
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Assiemodis, welcome to uCoz Community! smile

Provide please the URL to your website.