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Type of uploaded files
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There are several ways of uploading files to the server within uCoz.

Uploading via File Manager.

The most convenient way to upload files to the server is via File Manager. In this way you are able to see the list of files, create folders, search for files and upload several files to a certain directory simultaneously. It is also convenient to manage uploaded files (edit, view, re-name, remove, obtain the link).

See more about File Manager here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/37-14299-82295-16-1315308984

Uploading files via FTP

Uploading files via FTP has a number of advantages. The first and the greatest advantage is that you can upload large files via FTP. You may upload stuff in folders via FTP.

But FTP upload has some peculiarities as well.
  • It is not possible to upload files with html extension via FTP
  • The third-party program is required to work via FTP (FTP client)

See more about FTP connection here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/37-2500-11129-16-1225288770

File-archive or attachments to entries

This feature can be enabled in Control panel->Module settings->Fields of a new entry form (File Catalog, Online games, Ad Board). After checking the necessary boxes there, a feature of attaching files to the entry will appear in the module.

The limitations of file attachment are the same as for File Manager.
Attached files have one peculiarity. They can not be seen in the File Manager after uploading. And it means that editing or removing files will be impossible via File Manager. You may delete the attached to the entry file only when editing or removing this entry!

Speaking about FTP or File Manager, it goes without saying that users must not have permissions to upload files. But file attachment is another pare of shoes. Some users might have such a permission. As there is no automatic way to monitor the type of the files user upload, the best solution is pre-moderation for the groups that are allowed to attach files.

Note: When downloading files with exe extension, a warning will appear. This is the way the system reacts to those files. Users can safely continue the downloading process. Of course, they can refuse, if they want to.

Torrent-files are changed after attaching them to the entry (the system adds other values). Torrent-files uploaded via FTP are not changed. Torrent-files uploaded via File Manager can be re-named in case of changes.

This video will help to work with File Manager:

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Message # 2 | 4:10 PM
hello... can some tell me why i cant upload files to my file manager in my site...

thanks for replies

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Message # 3 | 4:10 PM
hi , i am having a problem
i had uploaded some files in file catalog so that users can download these files,
but i am also attaching images with files
i want to show a jpg image of the files with file names
please visit my website and then tell me how to do it
please help
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I don't know details. It could be:
1) because your disk space is over;
2) because you haven't rights to upload the files;
3) just because of your browser. Try the other one.

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PRANJAL, don't break forum rules and stick to one thread.
Please specify where do you want the image to be seen. A screenshot will be useful.
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Rule to upload
1.Maximal file size is 15 Mb.
2.File name can consist of Latin letters, digits, hyphens and underscores only.
3..asp .php file not allowed.

I m back on track...
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Message # 7 | 4:11 PM
hi natashko, i am attaching a screenshot with this message please view it,
i want to show an image before file names
i had already uploaded an image with each file
please help
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I can't upload filestoo since i am the admin.. tsk tsk.. the file upload always freezes for all browsers...
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PRANJAL, have you tried to put the $IMAGE1$ tag into your entry ?
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Make sure your anti virus or firewall doesn't block the upload and that your internet connection is stable.
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Message # 11 | 4:11 PM
how to put this tag tell me,
is it works
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kreator, stop spamming over forum! If I see one more spam post, you'll get reproof.

You made two threads and this reply.

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well the thing that you do is upload a file/image by Attaching a file if you select the image there will be a box with this code
in blue letters

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I am sorry I am just a beginner, so I don't understand a lot of things.
I wanted to start a new thread in "Account management" section of this forum (uCoz Community>> uCoz System management and tuning>> Account Management), but I couldn't do that as there were no "Add Reply", "New Topic" or "New Poll" buttons there. Why is it so? Is it because I am just the beginner, so I don't have the right of creating a new topic? If yes, then why does it say in the lower-right corner:

You may post new threads
You may create new polls
You may post attachments
You may post replies

But when I came to this thread (in which we are right now), I discovered that all those three buttons ("Add Reply", "New Topic" or "New Poll") are present here, so I decided to post here as a reply as this topic is very close to my question.

Is there any way I can move directories (folders) in the "File Manager"? There is an option of renaming folders/files, but how can I move them? For example I have a folder http://my.website.su/video/house and now I want it to be http://my.website.su/house. How can I do that?

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Message # 15 | 4:11 PM
yes it is appearing
now what to do?
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