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Contact Us doesn't work
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Message # 31 | 11:08 PM
Hi I am trying to create a contact us button on the side of the website, but everytime I click on it nothing happens.

<li class="m"><a class="m" href="$MFORM_1$"> Contact us</a></li>

This the line that I put in the site menu page under common templates.


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Message # 32 | 11:20 PM
Ramon, CP -> Page Editor -> Add new page -> Paste $MFORM_1$ as content and Contact Us write as page name.

(Contact Us will appear in Site Menu & you can move the link anywhere you need)

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Message # 33 | 3:46 AM
thanks for the info, but unfortunatly it is still the same case. I have the new page with $MFORM_1$ pasted in the content are but when ever I click on it it goes to the main page.

thanks for the help.

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Message # 34 | 10:10 AM
Ramon, you're doing something wrong. Follow steps carefully:

1. CP -> E-mail Forms -> Mail forms management.
2. Check if you really have created an e-mail form.
3. Copy code which is given for 'Contact Us' form.
4. CP -> Page Editor -> Add new page.
5. Page name: 'Contact Us'. Page content: '$MFORM_1$'.
6. Click on Save. Refresh your web-site.
7. Look down at 'Site Menu'. There will be 'Contact Us'.

Note: E-mail form can be $MFORM_1$; $MFORM_2$; $MFORM_3$ etc. Use correct one!

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Message # 35 | 2:26 AM
Hi I am posting a few pics so you can see how I have done till now. please tell me what mistake I am making.


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Message # 36 | 10:50 AM
Ramon, after pressing "Save" button on the first screen, go to the link you will get on appeared window... there you will see your contact form.
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Message # 37 | 1:42 AM
Thanks... I had the same problem:)
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Message # 38 | 9:25 AM
Email issue here also...
I have tried to confirm my email (thinking this might be the issue) but I don't get the confirmation emails, and the webform doesn't send email either. No errors occur; the system acts like everything is cool. But the emails don't arrive, in spam or the inbox.

I DID get the ucoz signup emails, so the domain isn't blacklisted as far as I can see.

Any ideas?

Site is http://mint.ucoz.com/?lwqUoL ; trying to link mintwear.com to the site as well but I get the "page not found" on that. I'll wait a bit on that; the process completed, and it's been a couple hours since it seemed to work, but who knows how long the ucoz system might take to update the link.

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Message # 39 | 11:22 AM
E-mails? Hmm, assuming this: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/7-7543-1 ?
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Message # 40 | 2:38 PM
Odd. I did nothing...just went to bed and waited. A few hours later, all the emails started pouring in; it likely was just a waiting period after site-setup. Thanks for the reply - or did you change/force something on the servers?

In any case, case closed.

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Message # 41 | 6:25 PM
Meh...i have same issue as some of the others here. Cant get my "Contact us" mail to work. It doesn´t send any mails to my e-mail even though all is set correctly what i can see. sad
Can you check it please : http://marilynmonroe.ucoz.com/

Thank you smile

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Message # 42 | 4:44 AM
Did you also check your spam/junk folder?
I m back on track...
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Message # 43 | 8:52 AM
yes i checked my entire mail...nothing anywere, so something is not working. I just cant figure out for the life of me what is wrong
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Message # 44 | 10:13 AM
Vanadis, the messages are sent... probably they are blocked by your mail box/service. Try to change email (use another email provider).
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Message # 45 | 7:33 PM
Hello guys,

I run web site www.tiger-clan.ucoz.com of course thanks to ucoz company.
I have been seen that my "contact" section does not work properly.
In the sending form message I don`t receive any e-mail sent by others.
I have tried myself and wanted to send the message to e-mail address I designate within my web-site at ucoz but I don`t
get any e-mail through the contact form!
I even tried to change my email from miki78m@gmail.com to mikeledevito@yahoo.com but still the same...

Pls help!

Thx up front,

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