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In this thread you are able to advertise your own site. Please follow the below rules when posting else it will be removed.

  • Only sites created using the uCoz system may be posted.
  • You are only allowed to post your site in this thread once.
  • If you are in the user group "Checked" or higher please make it a clickable link.
  • No commenting on peoples' sites in this thread. Use the PM system or contact them otherwise.
  • No websites with adult content.
  • Feel free to have a screenshot and short description of your website to make the post more valuable than a simple URL link.

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Hey guys this is the site my friends and I built!
Its a great up and coming online games site:
tell me what you think please... biggrin
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Website Name : The Community Of Awesomeness
Website URL :

Its A Website For Entertainment And Fun , We Have Lots Of Features And Contents There . But It's Still Under Partial Contruction Because We Still Need More Admins And Content smile But Its Fun To Hang Out And To Know More Things There smile

Logo :

Facebook Page For The Website :

Twitter For The Website :

Thank you smile
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Moja stranica je jedinstvena tradicionalna Bosanska muzika,Radio i Televizija sa mnostvo RTV playera i DOWNLOAD ove jedinstvene muzike.Popularna emisija Kemixovo selo veselo koja traje UZIVO od 1999 godine jedna od najslusanijih iz Bosne i Hercegovine !
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ImagezFinder is a web site that allows you to view, edit, share, and download HQ wallpapers and images to your desktop.

Visit us on

Find us on

Facebook - Twitter - Google+ - Pinterest
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Zeatrex Games - Get in the game... Zeatrex games!

Welcome to the Zeatrex website! This website is dedicated to all kinds of video games you can find out there for all ages. On this website you can download and install many videos games we have uploaded for you along with playing online flash games as well. Every game we offer are either free or a demo of an existing game you can find if you look hard enough. There is a large variety of games you can check out here at the site already so take some time and check out what Zeatrex has in store you!

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Website Name : The Black Paper Studio
Website URL :
Facebook page :

Here you will get highly qualified assistance in setting up Ucoz, and order a unique design, script or layout. Do not hesitate! We specialize in developing high-quality layouts for your site. A unique approach and flexible configuration. Distinguished by its high literacy and unique when writing text.We use modern technology and high-quality "HTMl" 5, "CSS 3" and "Java Script". We practice a unique approach to the development of PHP scripts, sliders, JS-slideshow.We have been working with uCoz for over 2 years."Black Paper Design Studio" - this semi studio specializing in the development of templates and layouts for "Ucoz", creating intro-clips, youtube-channel design and groups in social networks.

Best regards.

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Website: randomness-fun
are site offers:
irc chat

Introduction: Hello my name is Mark and I am here today to introduce my website. My website offers a wide arrange of things like games,videos and many more. are site design is still being built right now we offer information on bbcode, html code and css code like what it does and what it is used for. if you have a problem with my site you can contact me via pm, irc chat and or are support forum

Check Out Rservices & RandomAndroid at: http:// Hosted by Ucoz also come come check out our official Android IRC chat room at:
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A website specially for gaming and gamers!

This site is built for gaming, for gamers. New Game files and mods update on the website. Gamers who love gaming and modding can join this website to submit/add their modifications/customizations on the site.
All gamers are welcome to join this site!
You can discuss about any problem related to game in the Forum section. Ask questions or answer other questions.

Stay updated with new site updates in Site News!

Learn tutorials and understand the one you don't know in our Tutorials section!

I'm also a modder. And I love Counter-Strike, that's why I thought to build a site and let me show my modifications to world. cool

I want gamers, game modders and special skilled people to join my site if they like!

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i am currently working on this sire i am not done yet but check it out new games and game design articles coming soon.......

is mainly about
game design
chat about games
the best game players and you get the drift
it may look kind of bootleg now but when i done it will be wow!!!!
i am new here by the way

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This is a site that a friend and I made it is called we will soon be posting a comic that we created. If anyone is interested in learning more about this comic here is a little summary on it.

The comic is going to be our take on the apocalypse, it will take place in the future. There are robots in this future who help the Resistance fight against these demonic type creatures. The Resistance is the remaining military force that is left and "lower-class" civilians that were left behind. The governments and "upper-class" citizens left for Sanctum which is where there is no fighting and it is peaceful. This is just a minor summary of the comics so far. Hope everyone will like it smile .
Hope youguys check it out biggrin
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Travel in Vietnam contact us for more information. look up thhis site

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GameZ Inn

Play Games You Want

Site Name : GameZ Inn
Site Url :
Find Us On Facebook : GameZ Inn On Facebook

Features :
1- Online Games
2- Downladable Small Games
3- Chat with the website public
4- Chat with people/friends individually
5- Invite your friends or share our website
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K-Gaming Community

  • Site Url:K-Gaming Community

  • Features:
  • All Kind Of Games.
  • Online Games [ Play On Site]
  • Games For Download

Screen Shots:
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My website is Called Jb Walters Social Media Hub.

I Created this website for the use of connecting my life with my virtual life. It connects all my contact information and Social Networking Accounts into on local site.

Some Key Features Are:

Music section
: Download or listen to mp3 files for free
Online Games: Come and play some fun free online games
Connect with Friends: Through the forum you can connect with friends
Site Catalog: Post site that you like and share them with your friends
FAQ Section: Can ask questions and I can answer them
Home Page: In Page Tweet to Me
Bookmarks Share: Any page Sharing
Social Network buttons: Connect to my Facebook and or Twitter pages on every section
Video: View My uploaded Videos and Upload your own videos
File Catalog: Add files to share with your friends max upload to site 15000 Kb with option for remote server
Forum suggestion box: Here make suggestions from improvements to new music for me to upload
Photos section: add and or upload your own photos to the site
File upload module: here you can upload files to the guest account on

The more visitors the more music files I can upload for everybodies enjoyment

Jb Walters