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In this thread you are able to advertise your own site. Please follow the below rules when posting else it will be removed.

  • Only sites created using the uCoz system may be posted.
  • You are only allowed to post your site in this thread once.
  • If you are in the user group "Checked" or higher please make it a clickable link.
  • No commenting on peoples' sites in this thread. Use the PM system or contact them otherwise.
  • No websites with adult content.
  • Feel free to have a screenshot and short description of your website to make the post more valuable than a simple URL link.

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Jiblet, most of the music you have uploaded to your music section is copyrighted, so I strongly suggest you remove it from your site.
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GameIn - News about coming games, movies and so on. smile Visit. Need GUESTS.
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Ugah! Ugah! Blah! Blah! SLDFJSL:DKFJLSD:F

Now that I got your attention, check my website out! I'll keep this short. If you love Anime or you just watch anime, then my website is for you! That's all. lol
Name: K-Anime
Link: Click Here!


Disclaimer: I do not own the images that are posted on the website unless otherwise stated.
Note: I'm still adding some features so it'll get more fun. biggrin
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Hello everyone!
my site is
my site contains:-

- Fun and knowledgeable tests (constructing)
-movies, videos and songs

smile smile
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Well one site I am working toward to improve on is this is one of my favorite sites I have been working on.

This site includes the following features;

  • Chat-Room
  • Forums
  • Covens

Much more to come..
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Play Super Mario games
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Hello to you in my educational

Once again thank you very very very much

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Site Name : EGYPTHD

Link :
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Ma site name is : Invazija

Site url: Invazija
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Hello my website is unique is taking a quite a while to finish it.
You will be greeted with this page.

List of modules(Even though site is in russian):
Photo Gallery
Contact Us
More will come some of the features are still in developement once forum is complete only the forum will be visible.
Some of the features:
Listen to music
Download albums
Download wallpapers
○ Auto load when scrolling to the end of the page.
Note: Not all of these features are completed even the design isn't.
Their wont be any copyright violations, since these songs are not very famous.
If the owner respectively wishes his album to be removed we will do so.
Home(Under Developement)

Forum(Almost Complete)

Music(Under Developement)

Video(Under Developement)

Photo Gallery(Under Developement)

Contact(Almost Complete)

Mobile(Under Developement)

Hit that "Thanks" button. :)
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SupportMU Forum Community

  • In-Game-Discussions
  • Free Talking
  • New Friends
  • Singatures/Requests
  • GFX Events
  • uCoz Log-In System
  • Vacancy-In-Staff-Team
  • SOTM Event
  • Active Staff Team
  • New MU Online Server[SupportMU]
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Can you check

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hey all.
iam ahmed eissa my nikname karika iam from egypt and i want to you What is your opinion on the site
>>>> <<<<

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Greetings to all ucoz members!

I'm Ucoz member too, few years.

They are the best of all that I have seen on the net.

My Site is SaraDaddy

There you can find next :

Download zone

Software : (Full working Windows Programs all tested by me)
PC Games : (Full working Windows PC Games)
Movies : (Films in English mostly)
Kids Games : (Full working Games for younger children)
HOG Games : (Full working Hidden Object)
e - Books : (All kinds of electronic books mostly related to computers)
Animatesd Movies : (Animated movies in English mostly)
Animirani Filmovi : (Animirani Filmovi sinkronizirani na hrvatski jezik)
Filmovi Sa Hrvatskim Prijevodom : (Filmovi sa ugradjenim i uskladjenim hrvatskim titlovima)
Nintendo GameCube Games : (Nintendo GameCube Games Works on Windows & Mac)

...and much more.

Among other things, you can watch full HD movies, find beautiful wallpapers, etc.

The goal of this site is to continue expanding the range of what can be found on these and similar sites.

Since I am new at this and have no experience in html and css as not much time to deal with this, if anyone is interested to help out in some detail, please feel free to contact me via e-mail.

For your efforts, and I'm willing to pay, of course reasonable price.

Also, you'll have access to all of my services where we stored materials.


And of course you can visit us whenever you want.
As well as give advice and suggestions.

And let it be known: I'm doing this just for fun

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Hello uCoz members!

I wanna tell you about my website. My website contain templates, scripts and graphics for sites created with uCoz platform.
These resources are taken from other sites in another language (Ex: Russian , Romanian) and translated and improved by the staff of this website. Some of them are made by us and some of them are adapted by us from other CMS (Data Life Engine, Wordpress, Joomla for example) or from HTML.

Website addres :