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In this thread you are able to advertise your own site. Please follow the below rules when posting else it will be removed.

  • Only sites created using the uCoz system may be posted.
  • You are only allowed to post your site in this thread once.
  • If you are in the user group "Checked" or higher please make it a clickable link.
  • No commenting on peoples' sites in this thread. Use the PM system or contact them otherwise.
  • No websites with adult content.
  • Feel free to have a screenshot and short description of your website to make the post more valuable than a simple URL link.

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In this thread you are able to advertise your own site by URL.

My main site is ePal

ePal is a place where you can basicly buy anything

  • Download Free Apps
  • Play Games
  • Shop for Grocerys
  • Remote Account page lets you control other accounts to other sites
  • Ondemand allows you to watch movies
  • Sell textbooks
  • Subscribe to any magazine
  • Buy dvds
  • Mens / Womans / Boys / Girls Apparel
  • Download Mp3's
  • Bid on our live auctions
  • Pick a favorite store get cash back

And more Ejoy! cool

Preview of current main page

ePal(Join and be rewarded with our new look)
K-Love (Listen Live)
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My website is called
It has music, you get links to song notes or chords. You also get to post your songs you make or music videos you make and much more!
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Message # 4 | 6:17 AM

The #1 Otaku Network.


  • Chat
  • Music Player
  • Slideshow
  • Search
  • Profile
  • Wall
  • E-mail
  • Photo
  • Blog (Under Construction)
  • Forum
  • Games (Under Construction)
  • Poll
  • Lots of informers
  • Otakus' Page
  • RSS Button
  • Facebook Page Button
  • Google+ Page Button
  • Social Share Buttons
  • And many more...

Keep in mind that it is not yet finished. Some of the features that I included on the list above are still being created.

Hoteru is a website created using the uCoz system that is similar to a social network called Facebook. It is a website that I created for Anime lovers and programmers alike. For more detailed information, visit Hoteru and check it out for yourself. Thank you very much for visiting! Open for all beta testers!

If you want to visit Hoteru, click here!

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Crazy Mike

Mike like to do stunts, make people feel awkward, shocked, amused, entertained, check out his page that i started on 2 days ago.
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Website Name: uStore
Website URL:
Description: On uStore you can buy templates for ucoz which are made by other uCoz users or you can sell your own templates for uCoz, you can find also free Designs.
Attachments: 0031277.png (366.3 Kb) · 9483505.png (215.3 Kb) · 5949165.jpg (387.3 Kb)

You can find me on the unofficial uCoz Discord :)
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[u][b][size=22][font=Optima][color=red]A military news site and not only[color=red]
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Message # 8 | 10:42 PM
Elite Zone, a place where you will find tons of fun images, pictures, videos, jokes and more.
You can add some fun content to our website too.

Also we got forum where you can discuss with other ppl about entertainment stuff like movies, TV-shows, music, anime, games or share your funny stuff with them.

Site is not yet finished so there will be some more changes but we are already adding content.

Visit us at - entertainment zone
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Message # 9 | 8:03 AM
If you are a BIG fan of reality tv (the challenge, the real world, big brother, amazing race, survivor, etc) or like to play in forum games, sign up or login with your unet account at Reality TV Forum. It's an amazing site. I'm a mod there (Expert) and the members enjoy it there, I'm sure you would too. smile
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Message # 10 | 4:50 PM

Mp3 forum submit and download song (hosted on other site)
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Message # 11 | 8:08 PM is a new free social network.
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Hello everyone,
My website name is MFAGamez and the site address is Now a little links and features about my website

0 *Download Free Games
0 *Download Free Softwares
0 *Play Free Online Games
0 *Online Games Embed Codes [Add Games To Your Website / Blog etc.]
0 *Free Online Live TV and streams.
0 *Free Live TV Embed Codes [Add Live TV To Your Website / Blog etc.]
0 *Submit your website into my site's Directory (Soon...)
0 *Download Free Music

And now some links to my website:

And much more ..
0 Live Chat and Private Chat with Friends
0 Advertise On my website

Visit my site Full of games, TV, Softwares and much more
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Hi all smile
My website is : Download Baza

On DB you can:
-Watch free Online Movies and Series
-Download PC,PS Games,Software,Movies
-Read the news(Blog)
-Add and read FB statuses
-Visit our Forum
-Chat with other members and a lot of things...

FB Page:

There is a Screenshoot:
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Message # 14 | 7:24 AM [Mu Online Guides MMO and MMORPG Developments and more]

This Site is a Mu Online Basic Guide for players who play mu online games.

You can also advertise your sites here Server Put Additional Guides regarding to the site info

Thanks for viewing
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Free upload photo.

We provide many types of links to post on forum, blog, and CMS website. Your photos is always online 24/24. Never be deleted. Maximum uploading for one photo is 9MB. You can upload to 50 photos for once. We help you to get the 50 latest photo direct links. And the most important thing is always FREE.