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In this thread you are able to advertise your own site. Please follow the below rules when posting else it will be removed.

  • Only sites created using the uCoz system may be posted.
  • You are only allowed to post your site in this thread once.
  • If you are in the user group "Checked" or higher please make it a clickable link.
  • No commenting on peoples' sites in this thread. Use the PM system or contact them otherwise.
  • No websites with adult content.
  • Feel free to have a screenshot and short description of your website to make the post more valuable than a simple URL link.

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My main site is Shredded Factory

Shredded Factory is a Dutch (NL) Bodybuilding and Fitness Website

  • Community Forum
  • Epic Profile page
  • Body Transformation Page
  • Recipes Blog
  • Workout Blog
  • Exercises Blog
  • Review Page
  • 2000+- Visitors a day

And more to come !

Preview of current main page

Profile Page:
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To busy building a passive income online ;)
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cry :'( cry

Site Name : Text Flip
Site Url :

Site Description : How to write upside down on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or Blog.
Type in your text and push the "Flip Text" Button. It's cool!
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Message # 48 | 1:10 AM (Connected)

We provide our members with individual privacy and strict security above everything else. With Connected you will be given access to a free internal profile and have the option to send internal personal messages to people you know. We also offer features that enhance your communication and make life easier. Some of these features are included below:


-Online Games
-Encrypted Chat
-Non-Encrypted Chat(Messaging)
-Add a Video
-Search For Flights(Travel) Search

And More!

Note: The Uploaded Images show the website's homepage and register/login page.


The Connected Team

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Site Name : Your Entertainment - Discover the World !
Site Url :
Find Us On Facebook :

Features :
1- Entertainment
2- News
3- Funny Images
4- Games Online

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Site Name: Kuru Anime News
Site URL:

Kuru Anime News is an anime news portal for anime lovers. We serve Anime News, Anime Reviews and Anime Rumors around the internet! Kuru Anime News is a part of Kuru Anime.

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= JIN Family =
Gaming Clan

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Click here

To join my new gaming community!

The strictly anti-bias and no B.S website gaming community!

*Write reviews of your favorite video games from ANY system!


*Possible multiplayer game options in the future

*Growing community!

I'm always checking it for new users and adding new features, please check it out sometime!

I love Ucoz and all of its staff! Thanks for all the help!
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here is mysite:
it means "share everythings"
please help to support
thank you very much smile
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BouchieArt is a website promoting handmade Fine Art captivating your attention through detailed plaster pieces, fun and modern home decor, and Abstract Expressionism. With free shipping within Canada!

All Available paintings can be purchased with either the Original Piece or I offer Archival Certified Matte Prints of the Original Size.

All Original paintings, 30% of the proceeds are donated to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation

All Print orders, 10% of the proceeds are donated to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation

The First of every month there will be an uploaded Donations picture with all the purchasers names (optional) for recognition.

So please come take a look! Though, the website is still a little under construction it would be nice for you all to come take a look and don't be shy to e-mail me about anything!

Thank you all!
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Hello everyone,

My website is called Shaw's Nightmare.

It's address is here:

It is about Shaw's Nightmare a game by Mickey Productions. It is a First Person Shooter.

I cannot post screenshots now. I'm on my phone at the moment.
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Website Name: PolitikaMK
Website URL:
Facebook Fan Page:

Political website about everyday events in Macedonia and the world.

*There's forum!

Facebook cover:
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My website is:

Its a website for techies, engineers, blogggers containing Forum, Blogs, QnA , onlines quizes and all.

It focused on Linux mainly. There blogs on other computer technologies like, c, c++, java,, vb.script etc.

Please visit my website and stay updated with computer technologies
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Rawtrex: Your one stop spot for free music downloads!

Everything you could ever want and more from a fully dedicated music website. Updated every day with the best music around, some harder to find then others while other are classic beats from videos games, movies or new coming up artist from around the world! Download music, upload music, talk about music, free music promoting, and music videos! With over 900+ tracks ready for download, be sure to come over and check us out today!
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Hey guys !

Here are our new 2 websites which is free to use. we require new members and posters or up-loaders. Please come register and use the contact form or the message form. Send me a message and will make you author and senior author.

We really need your support and posts. Below are the websites

Write to me on ....

Visit and Register with our website now !![ Looking for Posters and up-loaders ]
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please come and visit us, we are the reality explorations project, we have recently upgraded the whole site, its looking really nice

thank you all and have a wonderful day. happy
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