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uCoz copyright (MyCorp)
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Message # 1 | 12:38 PM
1. Is it possible to remove the uCoz copyright from the website?

Of course, it is possible. Removal of the uCoz copyright is a paid service and it costs $4.99/month. To remove it:

1. Go to your website Control Panel -> Top bar -> $ Paid services -> Paid services-> Buy a separate service.

2. Select the period for which you want to remove the uCoz copyright.

3. Click "Pay for services" and follow further system instructions.

Please note that you can pay for the removal of the copyright within a package of services. In this case the copyright removal will cost less and you will get a number of additional features.

P.S. Hiding of the copyright is a serious violation of uCoz Terms of Use that leads to permanent blocking of your website!

Is it possible to change the appearance of the uCoz copyright?

Yes, it is possible. To do so go to Control Panel -> uCoz banner and copyright adjustment -> Appearance of uCoz copyright:

Select and click "Save"

How can I replace "MyCorp" with custom data?

Please see this video tutorial:

I see the message in Control Panel -> Customize design: "The template doesn't contain the required code $POWERED_BY$ ". What does it mean? What should I do?

It means that the required code $POWERED_BY$ , which is responsible for outputting of the uCoz copyright has been removed from the template of your website. You need to restore this code. Otherwise your website will be blocked.

To do so go to Control Panel -> Design -> Design management (templates) -> find the necessary template and click "Restore default template" or embed this code into the template manually.
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Message # 46 | 12:44 PM
Dangem, go to CP>>BOTTOM PART OF THE WEBSITE>>VISUAL EDITOR , you can edit it using the visual editor.
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Message # 47 | 12:44 PM
neilson, you need to place the $POWERED_BY$ code somewhere on the page. The system won't give that error message unless it is missing. Check your code to make sure it is visible to everyone and that it is correct.

Hope this helps, happy

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Message # 48 | 12:44 PM
Dangem, i would really not recommend to do what Blazer, just suggested , visual editor isn't as good as just coding there might be some unwanted changes with it so i would not recommend to use visual editor.

go to CP ---> Design ---> Design management (templates) ---> Bottom part of the website


<tr><td align="center" height="45" style="background:#B5DC54;">$POWERED_BY$</td></tr>

Change to:
<tr><td align="right" height="45" style="background:#B5DC54;">$POWERED_BY$</td></tr>

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Message # 49 | 12:44 PM
neilson, first of all the code is: $POWERED_BY$ and not $ $ POWERED_BY as you said. You need to embed it into your template (usually Bottom part of the website) and Save.
The easiest way is to restore the template you are referring to. In this way the mandatory code will be restored as well. If your website doesn't contain the required code $POWERED_BY$ it might be blocked.
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Message # 50 | 12:45 PM
Quote (Paradox)
Neilson , você precisa colocar o código POWERED_BY $ $ em algum lugar na página. O sistema não irá dar essa mensagem de erro se não está faltando. Verifique se o seu código para ter certeza que é visível a todos e que ele está correto.

Espero que isso ajude,

Quote (Natashko)
Neilson , em primeiro lugar, o código é: $ POWERED_BY $ $ $ e não POWERED_BY como você disse. Você precisa inserir-lo em seu modelo (geralmente parte inferior do site) e Save.
A maneira mais fácil é restaurar o modelo que você está se referindo. Desta forma, o código obrigatório será restaurado também. Se seu site não contém o código necessário POWERED_BY $ $, pode ser bloqueado.

I know this code is!
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Message # 51 | 12:45 PM
Neilson I'd advise to restore the template for the bottom part of the site. This is where the default $POWERED_BY$ is generally found in templates so it will most likely restore the code and you will be able to continue editing.
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Message # 52 | 12:45 PM
Quote (Paradox)
Neilson Eu aconselho a restaurar o modelo para a parte inferior do site. Este é o lugar onde o padrão $ $ POWERED_BY geralmente é encontrada em modelos assim que provavelmente restaurar o código e você será capaz de continuar editando.

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Message # 53 | 12:45 PM
neilson , first of all, provide a website name you are referring to. Second of all, which words are you trying to change. Specify your actions step by step. And the last - do not forget to click Save button at the bottom after making changes.
It is better that you start a new thread for this issue in the Design Customization board.
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Message # 54 | 12:45 PM
Quote (Natashko)
Neilson , em primeiro lugar, forneça um nome de site que você está se referindo. Em segundo lugar, quais as palavras que você está tentando mudar. Especifique suas ações passo a passo. E o passado - não se esqueça de clicar no botão Salvar na parte inferior depois de fazer alterações.
É melhor que você inicie um novo tópico para este problema na placa de personalização de design.

Already solved the problem! smile tongue
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Message # 55 | 8:21 AM
What does copyright Mycorp means? Does it mean content I post on my site is owned or copyrighted by Mycorp.
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Message # 56 | 11:55 AM
6super, no it's example of using the Bottom block. Replace "Mycorp" with your name or any useful information.
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Message # 57 | 11:10 AM
I have a question, can I use 2 copyrights 1 for ucoz and 1 for my own site?

For it to show :
Copyright MyCorp 2013
or possibly have both, one on the right corner and one in the left corner?

or can I just have it show
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Message # 58 | 11:43 AM
XRTC, you are only required to keep the code $POWERED_BY$. This part - Copyright MyCorp 2013 - can be edited as you like.
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Message # 59 | 12:17 PM
The text would become: "Copyright Scommesse Sicure 2010 - Site created in uCoz system

I don't want to violate the ucoz rules, sorry if is a stupid question, i don't want to risk the account sospension.
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Message # 60 | 12:36 PM
googleclone, I don't really understand your question. Can you provide more details, please? If you want to show the text mentioned by you, where "Site created in uCoz system" is the value of the $POWERED_BY$ code, everything is fine. It doesn't matter what you write there. It's important to keep the $POWERED_BY$ code on your site.
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