Paid Services & Frequently Asked Questions
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Paid Services & Frequently Asked Questions

uCoz aside from providing it's wide range of free services available to users, also provides a range of premium and paid features which allow webmasters to further expand their sites capabilities and functionality.

The purchasing of paid services is available through the Control Panel by navigating to Paid Services.

Users are able to purchase premium features either as part of a package, or as *separate services.

*How do I purchase a separate service?

Due to the recent release of the new pricing structure and service packages there have been a lot of changes in how the system now provides separate services. Separate services are now only available to be purchased on top of an existing purchased package within 24 hours of activation. After purchasing a premium package navigate to Control Panel > Paid Services and find the "Buy a separate service" button as show below:

You will then be able to choose a range of options as indicated, depending on the package purchased and whether the service is already included as part of the package.

Remove uCoz Copyright
Remove CP Advertisement
Enable E-Shop Module
Enable PHP Usage

Keep in mind while deciding on the additional services you would like to apply to your site that these will only be available for the term of the purchased package.

I have paid for a service, I can see it in the "Paid orders" section, but the service is not active. What is wrong and how do I fix it?

Most frequently this case arises where a preexisting package is actively enabled on the website. Two packages can not be enabled on the website simultaneously and as a result the system will wait until the previous package has expired to activate your new purchase.

If you require the newly paid service to be enabled straight away, you need to cancel the previous service. You can complete this by navigating to Control Panel > Paid Services > Paid Orders > Select The Relevant Order > Cancel.

NB: When you cancel the service, the remaining funds that weren't used will be added to your account, so you will be able to use them in future. This are listed as Personal Account funds.

What is a premium account/premium user?

Premium accounts are those websites, the owners of which have paid for a service or a package of services that costs not less than $3 once. After paying for such service or a package of services, user's account (website) is considered to be premium. Premium users have some benefits. For example, premium accounts are active regardless of their attendance. So they can never be removed for inactivity.
Robots.txt file of premium websites is unblocked after paying (before the quarantine is over).
Premium users are discussed here:

How to get a domain as a gift?

To receive a domain as a gift in the chosen zone – follow the link "Get domain as a gift” on the Main page of the Control Panel. You can do so only after paying for a premium package for 12 months or more (at once).
You will see the window with the certificate code. Use this code to purchase a domain here:
If you didn't write the code down you can have a look at it once again: Help -> Technical Support, the message with the topic "Domain as a gift”
See useful screenshots here
If you have any problems regarding the "Domain as a gift" issue, discuss them here.

I have several websites. Can I buy packages of services for all the websites at once or do I have to pay for a package at each website separately?

Yes. For now you have to pay for each website separately.

When the package of services expires, what is going to happen with additional Megabytes I have paid for to increase the disk space?

When this package or the service expires, the additional Megabytes are going to be taken away. All the entries will remain. All you have to do is either pay for this service once again or clear the disk space. Otherwise, users' activity on the website will be blocked. (They will not be able to add entries etc.)
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Sunny, yes. I have 483 posts here and in almost every post i send website adress in pm... cool But i will send it next time again,no problem.
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Ed05, so, you currently have the Optimal plan activated, and the next one will be activated upon expiration of the current one. Just ignore the message with "3 days left". And I don't see why you should have problems with PHP, it is included into the plan.
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Sunny, i tought that php server will create again after this plan expired so i have to wait 24h to php work again, but if this is not the case than ok,thanks for answer. smile
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Ed05, once created, the PHP credentials don't need to be re-created, especially if you renew the same plan before it expires.
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bigblog, ok,i am little bit phobic after problem with activation of php last time. But now i feel relief. smile
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Natashko, Hi !
I have used paid services with you, want to have purchase contracts, ask for help!
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huong, Natashko no longer works for the company nor is active on the forums. I don't quite understand the nature of your question, could you please rephrase? smile
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I have recently paid for 15 months of the Optimal plan when there was a 50% sales promotion for one of my sites. The new period will begin after the current payment period expires in January.

Is it possible to transfer the newly paid 15 months of Optimal plan to another site which is also mine but uses Basic plan?

I'm sorry if the question has already been asked.

Thank you in advance!
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beccherelli, yes, you need to contact the support team through your control panel.
hey i'm joe and i do not work for the company anymore, please contact other staff or tech support
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personal discount -50% is only when u take premium plan for a year?

yes, i see information window "yearly plans", but when u choose for example 1 month, the price doesn't change - still got -50% off.