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Suggestions to improve uCoz
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Message # 1 | 2:29 PM
Here you can post your suggestions concerning the uCoz website builder.

There are some rules for those who want to post a suggestion and for those who comment them:

* Make sure you know the uCoz system well enough to suggest new features.

* Be attentive when posting a suggestion and make sure the suggested feature DOES NOT EXIST already.

* Please DO NOT COMMENT the suggestions. You may comment ONLY if smth has been already suggested (with a link to the previous suggestion) or if we DO HAVE the suggested feature.

* Replies of the developers are not guaranteed.

Use the following form to submit your suggestion:

[b]1. Suggestion:[/b]

[b]2. Why uCoz needs this feature:[/b]

[b]3. Your thought on how it can be implemented:[/b]

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Message # 2 | 2:28 AM

1.Should be just like an module were we could add languages in control panel and remove them
Select which ones are on ucoz and also we could remove them. Check Boxes (Not Radio)
We should be able to change the words for example like we get to change some field labels.

2.Ucoz should have this because scripts like google plus put extra load on our site and when you hover over text there will be the original text.

3.It could be implemented into the ucoz system. This would better and the site would load much faster than with the google translate script.

Hit that "Thanks" button. :)
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Message # 3 | 3:19 PM
Quote (Urs)
Maximum dimensions of a full-sized image:
Allows limitation of image dimensions, thereby reducing their size and saving disk space. All images that are bigger than the specified size, will be reduced proportionally (0x0 means original dimensions will be kept).

Now if my image is 4000 x 4000 in jpg format and the setting is set to 2000 x 2000 for this parameter, then the system will downscale the big picture. The Problem is that the quality for the rescaling process is really low (approximately 50% jpg).

This results in way too many visible artifact in the picture.

Solution :
1. Allow an option so that users can set the quality for the rescaling process. ( 0%-100% and/or progressive )
2. Set quality by default to 100%. (meaning there is no quality change between the original file and the down-scaled picture)

So, just reduce the pixels not the quality parameter.

I need some answers, because i was going to upload several albums and i noticed this problem.
Thank you in advance.

Added (2012-08-19, 5:18 PM)
In general you cannot resave the JPEG without losing quality, even with a degree of the quality 100 (this is not the best, but the mathematical limit of optimization).

There is only one program that allows you to resave a JPEG image without losing quality – BetterJPEG (there is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop).

1. Suggestion:
1. Allow an option so that users can set the quality for the rescaling process. ( 0%-100% and/or progressive )
2. Set quality of rescaled images to 100% by default.
3. Use the Library to implement lossless jpeg image procedures :

Rotate, Flip photos (lossless)
Crop photos (lossless) - predefined and user-defined aspect ratios and sizes, composition guidelines
Add Margins to your photos (lossless)
Correct Brightness (lossless)
Correct Color (lossless)
Add Date / EXIF Info / Text to photos (lossless) - adjustable position, font, size, color, background, language, format, etc.
Remove Red Eyes from photos (lossless) - anti-aliasing, adjustable size, sensitivity, darkening
Copy/Paste to and from an external editor for local retouching without full recompression (lossless)
Resize photos
Convert to Black & White (Grayscale) (lossless)
+Remove JPEG artifacts from photos
E-mail photos to friends and relatives
Batch process photos
Combine actions (Macro)
Undo/Redo editing
Preserve Metadata
Optimize JPEG Compression

2. Why uCoz needs this feature:
Because the rescaled jpeg images in uCoz have way too many artifacts. Because this will give an advantage to uCoz compared to the competition and allow the users to have more control over the quality of the rescaled images.

3. Your thought on how it can be implemented:
-> 1. Allow users to select the quality they want to use on rescaled images.
-> 2. Set by default the quality to 100%
-> 3. Implement ( Better Jpeg Library ) in uCoz system and offer total lossless jpeg edit functions. ( No Competitor Has This )

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Message # 4 | 4:43 PM
I have 2 Suggestions...

1) Suggestion:

1. Serbian-Croatian language for uCoz:

2. uCoz has a very large number of users from Balkan area, even the largest sites on the uCoz ar they from Balkan, implementation of the Serbian-Croatian language ( latin ) as a universal language in this area would lead to an even greater number of customers who use uCoz and also make easier for old one...

3. The best way as one of the main languages ​​in the menu on uCoz platform

2) Suggestion:

1. Redesign of the user's profile and add friend options :

2. Although there are many small sites on uCoz major sites are the ones who pushed uCoz forward and provide the best advertising and reputation, this option would simply be a great relief and allow users to be more creative with their websites. Not to mention that it is common for other platforms why would not we have the same.

3. A complete redesign of the user's profile and after completion update the current one...
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Message # 5 | 10:36 AM
1. Suggestion:

2-Step Verification just like on Google:

The 2-Step Verification is an optional security measure on Google that you can activate via your Google settings. What it does is if you log on a different computer (i.e; Different IP address), instead of just your password; Google will send your cellphone a message regarding the six character second password. For a detailed explanation, click here.

Just like on Google this should be optional, and it should be toggled via webtop. Not all of us are security freaks.

For starters, if uCoz can't afford sending text messages; why not send it to our e-mail? Well it might not be useful if it was sent to our e-mail, but I'll still feel more secure about my website; because my e-mail has a different password.

2. Why uCoz needs this feature: For higher security.

3. Your thought on how it can be implemented: I don't quite get what this question mean, but I think I've summarized what I'm saying on the first question.
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Message # 6 | 3:26 PM
1. Increase maximum limit of informers

2. Increase informer maximum to 50-60

.. because, if I have idea about every second module different side containers with different content, then I have problems with this maximum at now - only 30 informers o.o

+ I don't think that there will be problem, if informers limit will change to 50-60 - who will need so many informers, they will use, who don't need them - it's also ok!

p.s. I hope that I don't need to write a novel there
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Message # 7 | 5:09 PM
1. Suggestion: Features/interface update of the PM system.

2. What & Why: This feature would be a wonderful addition to the system as for designers and developers the current system is limited in relation to design, and in cases the features available (overall design and display of page components, user information in messages, ability to edit system notifications, automated sending of welcome messages, personal mailboxes, etc). By implementing these features and opening the system up in relation to them. it gives users who are competent using the system new ground to cover and the room to move when working to design a fluid interface. Other suggestions may be to create a number of different mail views aside from the currently existing "main" view - these would relate to minified versions of the main view which could be linked to on the main

3. How: The implementation of the design adjustment features would result in the PM's feature almost having it's own template structure within the system. It would follow something as such;

Private Messages (PM)
- Main Inbox
- Mini-View Inbox [$PM_BOX$]
- Message-Listing Appearance
- Open Message Appearance
- System Message Appearance

- Compose New Message Form
- Reply Form
- Mass PM Dispatch Form

In addition to this the PM system - to implement the above mentioned suggestions - would almost quite need it's own settings page within the Control Panel. This would look something as follows.


Enable Private Messaging Feature: [ ]
Use Standard System Templates: [ ]
Reputation Change: [ ]
Site Update: [ ]
Send Automatic Welcome Message Upon Registration: [ ]
Number To Send: [ ------ ]
Message 1:

Title: [ ]
Sent By: [ ]
Message Body: [ ]

Message 2:

Title: [ ]
Sent By: [ ]
Message Body: [ ]

Enable Labels (Personal Mailboxes): [ ]


Additionally the following codes would be extremely useful to have within the templates if possible.


(anything else that could be considered useful I am in full support of having)

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Message # 8 | 5:19 PM
Suggestion: Permission added for user group to be authorised to "login".

What & Why: This feature is an option within the user-group permissions which prevents user-accounts within a group to login. So per se~ at the moment the system is currently designed to let "Banned" users login to their accounts. This option would restrict them from logging in at all treating the account as truly, entirely banned from the site. If a user was also logged in when their account was banned the system would terminate the existing SSID kicking them from the session. This feature would aid with the removal and further management of users and accounts.

How: I've predominantly outlined above however essentially the option would be available in the User Group Permissions to mark a user group as "Blocked From Login" therefore preventing them to login from the site. It would be a simple message stating that the user account has been denied the ability to login.

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Message # 9 | 5:25 PM
Suggestion: Keyboard shortcuts within the CP.

What & Why: Although this one seems predominantly quite explanatory I am suggesting that within the CP a number of commonly user shortcuts be introduced for saving, creating, deleting, etc. These would be a huge time saver and make CP navigation/use for most users quicker when editing templates, modules, and site features.

How: Through the use of JavaScript coding it is possible to call the events as required on the keydown events of the required keys. Essentially the main functions would be as follows;


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Working as a Support Engineer.
Been here for 13 years and counting.
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Message # 10 | 5:37 PM
Suggestion: Update Tag-Board refresh to function like standard "chat-like" dynamic refresh. Additionally update some minor tag-board functions.

What & Why: This concept is essentially taking the current tag-board refresh and changing it so that it is no longer a "refresh" and more a dynamic update of the content thus removing the re-loading factor currently experienced on all sites which can cause the tag-board to be choppy or dissapear entirely if the active refresh rate is too high. Additionally a few minor functionality updates such as the $CURRENT_TIME$ and $GROUP_ID$ being available would benefit towards the tag-board being open to adaptable circumstance and with a little editing being able to be turned into a functioning chat box.

How: The editing can only occur at a server-level regarding the refresh. It would need to check current content > check active page > check for differences > update current content accordingly. As to the new tags they would be implemented in as part of the system.

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Working as a Support Engineer.
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Message # 11 | 5:16 PM
1. Suggestion: counter of user chatbox added entries/messages

2. Why uCoz need this:

That idea born when I thought about IPB inferno shoutbox @ forums, there is option to view TOP users of chatbox/shoutbox added entries/messages, why uCoz couldn't create for example Informer - Users - Number of Tag Board entries !?

.. and whatever about that admins could delete these chatbox messages, I have said my idea about that, what do you think?
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Message # 12 | 4:19 PM
1. Suggestion: RSS feed for video module.

2. Why uCoz needs this feature: So users can follow the RSS feed to see when new videos are added.

3. Your thought on how it can be implemented: Just as news RSS.

1. Suggestion: $UNREAD_ENTRY$ code

2. Why uCoz needs this feature: A code to use as i.e
A use of this could be displaying the number of unread posts of a certain module, or other uses. Saves users time for clicking checking the module for new posts.

3. Your thought on how it can be implemented: Could be done in a way simillar to $UNREAD_PM$

1. Suggestion: Onclick enter in chat sends

2. Why uCoz needs this feature: Many users feel that it's annoying having to use your mouse when writing.
I myself think the chat is too fast paced (on my sites that is), to be slower and irritating at times.

3. Your thought on how it can be implemented: Simply add the following javascript to $FLD_MESSAGE$.
onkeypress="{if (event.keyCode==13)fireMyFunction()}"

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Message # 13 | 9:59 PM

+ USER VIDEO CHANNEL $CODES$ at the video informer ..

Why uCoz needs this..:

It could be very nice if you could add $CHANNELS$, $CHNL_PLAYS$, $CHNL_READS$ at the video informer available codes, when we editing our video informer template (design);

For example, I use video informer

$USERNAME$, Channel reads: $CHNL_READS$

Hmmm, why not?
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Message # 14 | 1:59 PM
1. Suggestion: XML file.

2. Why uCoz needs this feature: This feature is very useful for users. Most of special features of site applies XML. Ajax window also use XML. It helps us save time. For instance the login form is kind of ajax application.

3. Your thought on how it can be implemented: It is the same as informer but informer output the javascript but this one output the XML file. This feature must have an xml link the same as informer /informer/1 for $MY_INF1$.


<a href="javascript://" class="noun" rel="nofollow" onclick="new _uWnd('ne','Contact',550,330,{autosize:1,closeonesc:1},{url:'Link to XML file'});return false;">Contact</a>
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Message # 15 | 2:30 PM
1. Suggestion: booking option with a possibility to chose date ( perhaps in e-shop module)

2. Why uCoz needs this feature: this option will allow users to create websites for hotel/tourist industry or other areas that need similar booking features (for example rent-a-car). Most major CMS have such features and implementing such option in ucoz will make it more competitive to other CMS. Users that need booking/reservation options for hotel/travel/rent sites do not need cart (add to cart & buy now), so this will make the e-shop module more flexible.

3. Your thought on how it can be implemented: modify cart (not sure this is possible) to add the possibility of choosing date and edit the "Add to cart" button to "Book now". Users that need booking/reservation options for hotel/travel/rent sites do not need cart (add to cart & buy now), this will make the e-shop module more flexible. Then the booking request is processed as a normal order.

[url= [/url]