If you have noticed bugs or errors
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Message # 76 | 7:53 AM
XO-Ferg, it seems that you have resolved the problems , i searched your site and did not find any of the "bugs"

Please not that you need to use.your conditional operators correctly.


Should be written like this:

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Message # 77 | 6:06 PM
There is an error with the video-module. Every single video is now posted up to 4 x in a row!
And not only the new posted videos, also the old ones appear up to 4x in a row...

Please fix that!
Have a great day!


Added (2016-11-15, 6:06 PM)
My whole site is messed up now, with video-duplicates!
And no, i did not change any of the important code!
What is it?

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Message # 78 | 2:21 PM
Can confirm Flimmerstube's problem.

It happens to videos that belong to more than 1 category. Problem only persists on the module's main page.
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Message # 79 | 3:52 PM
Flimmerstube, bodbreed, it's a known issue and it will be fixed in the next update.
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