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At present there are two ways of users registration at the websites within uCoz web-services.

uID authorization (uID users)

When a user finishes uID authorization, he/she receives uID (universal login). It allows users to visit uCoz websites without repeated registrations. Such a user has a huge advantage of high-tech, advanced management of his/her global profile via Webtop. Users may not only manage websites and personal data, but fulfill other useful functions via Webtop. Besides, each uID user has his/her own userbar at uCoz websites (control panel of available site features).
uID authorization is available at all the websites by default and it is a system feature.
uID users login to the website by means of E-mail and Password.

Local authorization

When a user finishes local authorization, he/she becomes a user of only one website (the one he/she has registered at). Webtop and userbar is not available for such a user. He/she has to register at other websites again.
Local users login to the websites by means of Login and Passowrd.
Local authorization feature is not a system one, that is why it is a paid service. To enable local authorization feature you need to pay once for one of the package of services and the feature will be enabled for the whole period of the website existence!

Now it is not possible to enable both local and uID users! You need to choose either local authorization or uID authorization method!

How to disable website registration?

It is possible to disable registration for users at the website. To do so go to Control panel->Users->Module settings->do not tag the checkbox “Activate "Users" module”->Save.
After disabling this module, it will not be possible to register and login to the website. Administrators login will be realized through

How to register via the Control panel?

Website administrator can register a user at his/her website via the Control panel any time, regardless of the authorization method. Such a user will be a Local user and will always be able to login to the website, regardless of the authorization method (besides the times, when “Users” module is disabled).
All the websites support local authorization!

If you face any registration at the website problems, be sure to provide a link to the website!

Question: Wondering if you know how to make it so that any user that tries to register at my site has to be accepted by the admin? Like an email gets sent to the admin asking if the user can be registered?
Answer: You can do similar, by limiting 'User' group permissions & move each user to Checked group manually. It'll do same function. [Armaros]
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People keep spamming my website by registering nonsense users with random emails means (*#^ and etc)

How do i set it to a VALID Hotmail then can register?

Please help . thx

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Matt, enable "Forbid activity of the users with unconfirmed e-mails" in Common Settings

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Is it possible to downsize a registration date? like only show the month+year??
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Unfortunately no.
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Question: I would like to know if there is a way to change the registration/confirmation mail that the system sends by default??
Answer: No, sorry, it's not possible to change that.
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Its effective,but not good for our type of site.
Is there any more advice you could give for protecting from users who are registering constantly and flooding the site? [IP excluded because of proxy]

I doubt its necessary but site URLconclave >> welcome.
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501, if you disable posting permissions than there wont be any flood. The flooder's can
register million of accounts but wont be able to create a post/comment so on, and by that
they wont be able to flood/spam anything. You can move each users manually to other gr.
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I want to give a message to the user when the user login to my website. not a Private message
for example a POP MESSAGE.
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[code]<script languae="JavaScript"
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Cool! I want too! happy
But where to put that COD ?

Thank you,

Thank you,
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SirDaniel, you can put it where you need it to show up smile
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Yea...that I understand...thanks,
but if i want that this POP MESSAGE with
Quote (jackass)
will showed ONLY after registration...where to write it? happy
But not showed after log-in! only after registration!
By where to write it, i mean in what page. In registration page code? happy
Or there is special page that we need to make?!

However...Thanks for the code! I will try to do something with that! biggrin

Thank you,
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Quote (SirDaniel)
In registration page code?

No, it would pop-up before registration. I doubt there is way to do it after registration.
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So...there's a way? happy
or no?

Thank you,
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I assume - No.