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Guide to install Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
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Beginners Guide: How to Install FREE SSL in uCoz System

by Algae “Cyberdasm” Densing

First and foremost we would define the following terms:
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. –

SSL certificate is a unique digital signature that ensures secure connection between the client (browser) and the server (website). A secure connection is crucial if there are sensitive data transfers on a website (such as credit card transactions or login info). Usage of the HTTPS protocol on your website also improves search engine rankings. –uCoz

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP that provides encryption of the data sent between the browser and the website using SSL certificates. -uCoz

In short SSL is an added security layer for your website.

There are also pros and cons if you install ssl in your website.
- Security
- Identity
- Improve SEO rankings. According to googleblog
- It will slow down your page load speed. According to Alex Moloney (Paradox) SSL does slow down your page load speed. The transport layer requires encryption/decryption at each end which adds load time. Depending on the content, server specs, and network topology this can be all of 0.1-0.5 of a second, to 1-2 seconds extra. Source:

In order to obtain ssl for your website hosted in uCoz you must have the following:
Domain Name – You needed this because you couldn’t configure the control panel for Domain Attachment.
***There are many free domains you could acquire. I would suggest find it in if you can't afford to buy a higher TLD
• Upgrade your account to BASIC. The Very Important Part. Refer to Figure 1.
SSL certificates – Already defined above.

Figure 1

STEP 1. If you haven’t attached your domain name you must first attach it before you proceed.

STEP 2. Visit and enter your website URL inside the box with www. Then submit it. Refer to Figure 2.

Figure 2

STEP 3. Choose Manual Verification (DNS) and click Manual Verify Domain button at the center-bottom of the page.

STEP 4. A Hidden tab will open containing the basic instruction on how to upload verification files. Refer to the image below.

STEP 5. I base my instruction in the image of Step #4. This is the crucial step and also the tricky part. I made twice attempt before I got the result. (Please refer to the image of Step 4 so that you wouldn’t be confused.)
a. In #1: You must read it so that you have a basic understanding on how it works.
b. In #2: The most tricky and crucial part. All you need to do is: go to your uCoz Control Panel (uCP) www.Your . Then edit your domain records in EXPERT MODE.

i. In #2.1: In Variables Record Section, create TXT record under TYPE Column. (If you don’t know how just click A then choose TXT and make sure that you selected an empty field. Kindly pm if you are really confused.) Paste the value (qUVPpwp40vBJc4HPqOVkoWW1uqHfXUsXJAVY8wMSfyA this is just an example since every domain has a unique value) in the value field Column.
Copy the text until the 3rd level domain name only (www <-- do not copy the dot(.) after this.), . _acme-challenge.www[] Paste it in the Subdomain column, remember there is a dot (.) before the underscore(_) and do not include the domain name (I put brackets in it.) as well as the extension.
ii. In #2.2: Is the same instruction with #2.1 but without www.
iii. To RECAP:
In 2.1 paste this: . _acme-challenge.www in the Subdomain field, Type dropbox chose TXT and lastly paste the Value e.g qUVPpwp40vBJc4HPqOVkoWW1uqHfXUsXJAVY8wMSfyA in the Value field. (Always remember the dot.)
In 2.1 paste this: . _acme-challenge in the Subdomain field in Type dropbox chose TXT and lastly paste the Value in the Value field.
iv. Then save your newly updated setting. And wait for at least Two (2) hours and a maximum of four (4) hours to propagate the updated settings.

c. In #3: (Step #4 image) You must have patience since you will encounter a message when you click the two links:
No TXT Record Found. Set the TTL to 1 second or if you cannot set the TTL then you must wait the TTL (in seconds) so it updates before verifying the domain.

That message signifies that the server do not yet respond to your request so you must wait a little bit.

DO NOT CLICK DOWNLOAD SSL CERTIFICATE YET: EVENTHOUGH THIS MESSAGE WILL APPEAR WHY? Here’s the reason: If the TXT value of the image below or in the verification page, isn’t the same TXT value in STEP #4(DNS Settings of your uCP) then you needed to wait. If you failed in this step go back to step 2.

d. If the Value are the same then it is safe now to click Download SSL Certificate. The image below is an example of SSL certificate. Download the file for backup copy.

STEP 1. Go to your SSL Settings under Security Tab or navigate to

STEP 2. Check the box titled “Enable HTTPS.” After you check it the would be an extra field entitled for your SSL Certificate strings. Here are the following:
a. Private Key - The key that you generated (with the app or on the console) when obtaining your certificate. Contact your certificate authority for details.
b. Certificate for the domain - The certificate code for the domain that you received from your certificate authority.
c. Intermediate certificate - Code of the intermediate certificate that you received from your certificate authority.

STEP 3. Copy All lenghty string of codes from sslforfree to uCoz ssl field. Refer to the image below.
NOTE: The CA bundle in SSLFORFREE is the Intermediate certificate in uCoz. (Don’t forget.)

STEP 4. For Maximum Security Check also the box titled “Prohibit HTTP for connected links” Then save.

STEP 5. After you Install your certificate. Please bear in mind that it takes a few minutes that the uCoz system will update your certificate. If you can see a color red subscript in https its okay just wait for a while. There’s no need to worry about that.
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Message # 2 | 6:44 AM
STEP 6. After you reload your browser and you see an image just like below. You have been successfully install the sslForFree by Let’s Encrypt.

STEP 7. In order for your certifcate would’t be a hassle in renewing it just sign-up in sslforfree. Congratulations and God Speed. Thank you for using uCoz as your framework.
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Message # 3 | 0:30 AM
Up to now, has no SSL set up feature.
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Message # 4 | 9:55 AM
+10 biggrin
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Message # 5 | 10:35 AM
ashopbg, Yes, at the moment an SSL certificate isn't available for the
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Message # 6 | 1:01 AM
How to made all links to new https version? What happens if i have external links without https i can?

If web is HTTPS will b delayed hard at download or is only a bit?
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Message # 7 | 11:17 AM
IMB4, system URLs will automatically be replaced with the HTTPS version but you need to manually update the links you added to the templates of the website and the articles. External HTTP links are fine as long as they're not resources your website needs to load. Using an HTTPS protocol won't affect the load time too much (from 0.1 seconds up to 1 seconds compared to the standard HTTP layer; new browsers handle it better).
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Message # 8 | 2:11 PM
Manually? there are not an option to do it automatic like "remplace" plugin or system?
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Message # 9 | 11:09 PM
IMB4, yes it will automatically generate into https but there some conditions to meet. The control panel of your website wouldn't be full ssl supported but your front end or the view section of your website (MVC) would be fully secured if you replace all scripts and links into https. Kindly post your website address so that I could help addressing the issue that you encounter. So far I don't have an issue of the ssl certificate of let's encrypt. Actually you could check your website SSL issue by using the developers section of your browser. CTRL+ SHIFT + I then navigate to console. There you could check which one of your external links has an issue since the browser would notified you about it as well as where it can be found.
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