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Can't connect to a uCoz website
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Message # 1 | 3:23 PM
Please check uCoz Server Status' in the following thread before posting:

When posting messages here, make sure that the website is inaccessible for everyone and not just for you.

  • Provide the link to the inaccessible website.
  • Specify its server number if you know it.
  • Post the traceroute results (see the instructions here: ). If your website is inaccessible and you see Error 500 or 404 there is no need in providing the tracing results.
  • Indicate your IP address
  • If you can open the website in one browser, but can't do it in another, it means that there is a problem with browser settings or firewall.
  • If other users can access your website and you can't, most probably there are problems at your provider's end. See more here:

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Message # 1456 | 8:58 AM
Quote Summoner65 ()
Hi, There seems to be an issue with the Ucoz certificate getting a non secure message. Certificate only valid until 29.06.22 it blocks all sites on any browser with a warning

Same here

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Message # 1457 | 10:10 AM
this is a little disaster the invalid certificate causes the site not to work right, it is almost impossible to inform the members
about the issue, even the control Panel is doing weird! Informing members is almost impossible as posts get blocked almost
all the way.

I hope that this issues will be resolved soon sad :( sad

Edit: Certificate is fixed thank you ucoz !!! all working fine again biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin
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Message # 1458 | 12:33 PM
hello my frineds. i have a [problem with my site i can not get access. always says
"Hmmm… can't reach this page took too long to respond"
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Message # 1459 | 11:17 AM
Server is under scheduled service.
Is there a chance to recover it, and it was caused by a ddos attack. angry cry
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Message # 1460 | 6:22 PM
Mediamaster, For further consideration of your request, please provide the system address of your site in uCoz.

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Message # 1461 | 3:09 PM
Cant connetect to my website

You are not allowed to view this page
Access to this page using your personal data is forbidden.

Any ideas what is causing the problem ? biggrin
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Message # 1462 | 6:19 AM
suoumaku123, It's not a problem. Your site was previously disabled due to a DDoS attack. We have forwarded the request to the system administrator, your site will be included soon.
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Message # 1463 | 8:29 AM
suoumaku123, Hello! Your problem has been solved.
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Message # 1464 | 10:16 AM
Thank you so much for help smile

Added (2023-05-18, 8:34 PM)
Hi Ucoz
Again same problems with my website maybe not working 5-6 days any information help
Thank you for your time and help smile

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Message # 1465 | 0:18 AM
@Natashko - Is the problem fixed?
Register your website with uCoz -
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Message # 1466 | 2:52 AM
URGENT HELP! my ucoz site is inaccessible. what's wrong with ucoz? please help asap.
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Message # 1467 | 7:24 PM
khen, currently, the website is functioning properly. If you're still experiencing issues, please feel free to contact us via email at
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Message # 1468 | 2:27 AM
Er1kk, thanks it's now accessible. I don't know the real reason because I attach my domain to cloudflare.