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Design Customization
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Make content of $BODY$ ediable
1 671 NormalX
Posted by: Paradox
Changing the color of forum titles 3 1185 Matt8733
Posted by: Sunny
Customizing Publisher Entry Adding / Editing Page
New Entry Form Publisher Module
2 634 NormalX
Posted by: NormalX
"Dexter" template small problem(s)
Something minor but should need a fix :)
9 1212 showstopper
Posted by: bigblog
Everything about design #888 goes here! 11 2432 SirDarknight
Posted by: neelu
Everything about design #896 goes here! [ 1 2 ]
Design, Template 896
15 3324 defaultNick9590
Posted by: EaglePrince
Meta Tags
Entry Descrition in plain text
6 675 Faizan-Ahmad
Posted by: phuket
Design #785, How to change site logo 3 662 showstopper
Posted by: Paradox
Problem with Design #1101 in FireFox 3 1045 bodbreed
Posted by: Paradox
Link is only visible for guests? 2 1686 Karli
Posted by: Karli
Restore default template button
Does using this button retore the template I picked?
6 1121 Cheiee
Posted by: Cheiee
Comments Under Profiles
Wondering if there is a code I can use for this.
2 538 Elexy
Posted by: Elexy
control the informer css 13 1566 3mr
Posted by: Sunny
Removing displayed date, name of current logged in user etc. 1 488 Sirolf
Posted by: NormalX
Scolling Bar
How to add a scrolling down bar to category block.
3 5682 Elexy
Posted by: VZ
need some help please
changing site owner/admin user name
1 461 whitetiger
Posted by: bigblog
Block content management 5 780 turtle6146
Posted by: Sunny
How to change url? 4 631 Admin2
Posted by: Admin2
need help with design templates 7 658 Nezzix
Posted by: Leoh
Everything about design #791 goes here! [ 1 2 3 ]
Design, Template 791
33 4542 YourFather
Posted by: Leoh
Extending width and CSS help in #813 2 542 Leoh
Posted by: Leoh
Wat happened,
0 852 angry_jin
Posted by: angry_jin
Round Avatars [ 1 2 ]
How to make round avatars appear in the tag board!
16 2569 Elexy
Posted by: Elexy
Browsers Vs Browsers
Some browsers show the website totally messed up.
6 6518 Elexy
Posted by: Elexy
How to upload music on your website? 3 826 Littlexswat1996
Posted by: Sunny
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