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uResults of the Year 2013!
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Message # 1 | 3:09 PM

Greetings to all our users and once again - Happy New Year! It's very nice to sum up such a productive year, and 2013 was definitely a very productive one for uCoz!
During this year we often announced updates, bug fixes and releases, we launched the renewed uID.me, and it's only a part of what we did in 2013. So let's remember the events of the previous year that were significant for uTeam and uCoz users.

Main uCoz Updates in 2013:

1. The year started with the announcement of our Header Editor - a handy tool that allows to change header image and text quickly and easily. We also presented the new Visual Comment Editor, where you can not only customize the appearance of the buttons, but also select only the buttons you need.

2. In February the Forum module was updated. It was marked with such new feature as a wiki-like post, that was later developed even further. Along with wiki-like posts the module got: filters by threads, improved subscription to threads and forums, support of PNG images for the icons "New thread", "New poll" etc., and several other useful innovations.

3. The 3rd and 4th updates were announced together and included a number of minor updates and bug fixes, as well as the update of the image uploader in Photo Albums. The image uploader meets the HTML5 standards and supports the possibility to switch back to the previous uploader version if a user's browser doesn't support the new features. Other important updates included elimination of a number of XSS vulnerabilities, 30-second timeout when sending private messages (to prevent spamming), some E-shop updates.

4. Our April Update included updates of the E-shop, Video, and Forum modules. Some Visual Editor and PDA site version bugs were fixed, as well as a number of other minor errors.

5. First days of the summer were marked with the possibility to attach a mobile phone number to a uCoz website. It was a huge step towards the improvement of the security of user accounts. We also told about a number of other useful updates and bug fixes, some of which affected the default templates (two new designs were added, a lot of old were modified for the Header Editor to work correctly in them).

6. July brought new bug fixes. This time we focused on SEO bug fixes, aimed to improve indexing of uCoz websites by the search engines. We also announced the update of CAPTCHA in the Control Panel login form - the security code started to be displayed only after two failed attempts to enter a password. As a result logging in to Control Panel became easier but it didn't reduce the level of security.

7. SEO bug fixes were followed by a major E-shop update. Stock by options, mass price processing, Sandbox mode for PayPal - these features became available to all our users. A number of bug fixes in other system modules were also made.

8. In August we prepared the release of Social Media Publisher. We had been working on the new module for automatic posting to social media for quite a while, and this release was a long-awaited one. At first the module was only available in Site News and Blog, later this possibility was also added to Publisher and Ad Board.

9. During the last summer month we also prepared some other updates and bug fixes, most of which were related to the E-shop module. Much work was done to implement new system variables, including some for the Forum module (the $codes$ responsible for titles and URLs of threads/boards/forums being viewed).

10. In October the Forum module was updated. We added the system code that outputs latest user's awards, email notifications about a user's thread being changed/removed, the possibility to search in threads. Other major Forum updates included modification of wiki-like posts and the possibility to change the thread author. The E-shop module, together with most other modules, weren't left aside and received some minor bug fixes as well.

11. Social Media Publisher was not our only attempt to integrate social networks - we also launched another social tool, called the uCoz Social Bar. With the help of the tool website visitors can share entries from your website, like your pages and post links to them in their social accounts. You can analyze the number of received "likes" and see what pages on your website are more popular.

12. November brought us layout update in closed system codes. The update might not be very interesting to our new users, but the experienced webmasters appreciated the change of the menu structure and other useful and needed modifications.

13. New uId.me profiles were another important update. However, it may be called an update de jure. De facto it is definitely a full-featured release.

Important uCoz Events in 2013:

1. uCoz's 8th Birthday was an important event, and to mark it we prepared a special offer - 70% off recharge codes that can be used to recharge a website account under very advantageous conditions. Later that year a similar offer was also presented as a Black Friday Deal.

2. The launch of uCoz in India, together with the ucoz.in domain, provided our users from this country with the possibility to create websites in their national domain zone.

3. And we can't help but mention new uID.me profiles once again as it was a really important event last year. And the Contest for Best uID.me Profiles was launched to mark this event. The contest is active right now, so don't miss your chance to participate and win great prizes! Good luck to those who've already submitted their works! :)

What else did we do in 2013?

What we didn't do but are planning to do first thing in 2014:

  • modern responsive designs for websites;
  • update of the Photo Albums module;
  • comments via social network accounts.

In conclusion

We have summed up what was done last year, and now it's time to look towards the year 2014. 2014 will bring us new updates and releases, new contests and possibilities. The possibilities that should not be missed. We wish you a very happy and productive new year!

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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Message # 2 | 10:15 AM
Cheers to uCoz! Happy New Year! We're looking forward to the developments for this year. cool biggrin wink
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Message # 3 | 1:05 PM
Still waiting the responsive templates cool
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Message # 4 | 1:09 PM
yeah, me too I'm still waiting. There are still a lot of bugs to be fixed. Those issues that I've raised and sent to the technical support last year have not yet acted upon.
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Message # 5 | 4:46 PM
khen, Whisper, we are working hard on bringing to reality all those innovations that we announced, including the responsive templates. khen, can you please PM me with the issues you raised to the Technical Support last year and haven't been solved? Thanks in advance.
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Message # 6 | 1:35 PM
comments via social network accounts.

That's what I need. I hope to see that soon.
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Message # 7 | 1:59 PM
what about log-in via social networking sites?
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Message # 8 | 2:18 PM
khen, that's on the list too most certainly! smile
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