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Here are the most frequently asked questions of this board and links to the threads with answers.
Please read them before posting your question!
DO NOT create a new thread if there is already a thread about the same matter!

  • If you forgot your answer to the secret question or want to change it
    Answer: Here

  • How to register or delete a website?
    Answer: Here and here

  • Why is your SITE NOT FOUND or why isn't it loading?
    Answer: Here

  • How to protect your website from hacking
    Answer: Here

  • If you can't log in to Control Panel
    Answer: Here

  • Some additional info about uNet and website logging in is Here

  • What is uNet. Removal and restoration of a uNet account
    Answer: Here

  • How to increase disk space and how is it counted?
    Answer: Here

  • What's Backup and how to create it?
    Answer: Here

  • What's Control Panel session and other questions about Website Control Panel go Here

  • What to do if your IP is temporarily blocked?
    Answer: Here

  • Illustrated manual on Common Settings is Here

  • Illustrated manual on Admin Bar is Here

  • What to do if you lost password or want to change it?
    Answer: Here

  • How to temporarily close your website?
    Answer: Here

  • What to do if someone copied your website?
    Answer: Here

  • How to make your website more secure?
    Answer: Here

  • How to change site language or create a Multilanguage website?
    Answer: Here

  • How to pay for services?
    Answer: Here

  • How to change website address/url?
    Answer: Here

  • Some more questions and answers

  • I created a website in FrontPage on my personal computer. I was able to then use WSFTP to move all the pages to my File Manager in UCOZ. From there I can't seem to link my pages so they will allow my to view my website on line. Are there directions anywhere with step by step instructions to upload all the pages from the UCOZ filemanager?

    uCoz is not supporting such things. uCoz is Content Managment System(CMS)

  • How many sites it is possible to do in the ucoz , as much as possible?

    Yes, you can have as many sites as you can manage.

  • I'm using s102... How can I switch to s101 without uploading all my files again???

    It is not possible unless you register a new account.

  • I feel like this is a stupid question but I would like to know if you could sell a ucoz website.

    Sure you can if you wish.

  • If i pay for my website in the space extension section or removal of ad banner and my website is inactive for several months then what uCoz will do? Will they remove my website for being inactive? Or will they do nothing till my payment period finish? And if they delete that inactive site what about the rest of payment?

    If you pay for any of the services then you website won't be considered to be inactive.

  • I have a question. I am creating a Virtual Airline. I am wanting to have a "PAYPAL" kind of money system. I was just seeing if we are allowed to make money with our site. Any Help?

    You are allowed to make money as long as your website doesn't break ToS (Terms of Service).

  • I wonder that some users of the UCOZ have adress like "" and others have "www" in front of that adress. How can I do it? What should I read, because I didn't find it in FAQ. Maybe I have to pay for this options?

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